All division caps are locked until 2/1. Once divisions are full, teams can make a $100 fully-refundable deposit to have a spot held on the wait list. Deposit also locks in early-registration rates beyond 2/1. Separate wait lists will be kept for the B and BB divisions. Order of team deposits will be tracked and displayed on this page, and will be offered tournament spots based on that order. If a team is notified they can be offered a tournament spot, the team representative will have 3 calendar days to pay the remaining registration balance, or their spot will be forfeited and their deposit refunded.

Cap increases for either division are at the Tournament Director’s discretion. Teams who have made a deposit can request a refund at any time, realizing that the team will forfeit their spot on the wait list. All deposits will be immediately refunded once a division is officially closed and/or the maximum team capacity for the tournament has been reached.

$100 Wait List Deposit

Team Name

BB Division

  1. Pittsburgh Ladies Who Lunch

  2. Atlanta Star Fleet

B Division

  1. Harrisburg Swallows